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Sentence Review Update

Friday June 10, 2016 Jesse Brooks’ supporters were sadly notified that his sentence was affirmed after a highly publicized hearing on May 20 in Concord, New Hampshire. News reports did not make any reference to the documentary evidence, which laid out the factual inaccuracies and inconsistencies presented by the State during Jesse’s original sentencing. For example, and most important, was the infamous “bedroom conspiracy meeting,” which according to prosecutor Janice Rundles, was the basis for Jesse’s involvement. During Jesse’s trial, cooperating witness Joseph Vrooman, who openly testified that Jesse was his “leverage” to a lighter sentence, testified the alleged bedroom meeting took place around 9:00 a.m. on Thursday June 16, 2005. That meeting never happened, and irrefutable exhibits were presented to the court and made available to the media. Prosecutor Janice Rundles also claimed at sentencing that Jesse paid Michael Benton $800 via Western Union wire transfer on August 5, 2005. Documentary evidence was also provided showing that Jesse did not make that payment. That too went unreported by the media along with other examples. We are devastated to bring you this news, and to know that the only report you likely heard was a sound bite by the prosecutor asserting Jesses’ involvement. Jesse’s new defense attorney presented a detailed analysis of the trial transcripts, something that was not done at the original sentencing hearing, and this detailed analysis clearly refuted the State’s claims that Jesse was “in the thick of things.” A travesty of justice has occurred at the hands of overly zealous prosecutors aided by dishonest witnesses. The fight for justice continues.

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