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Sentence Reduction Denied

The Sentence Reduction Motion that Jesse Brooks filed October 19, 2019 was denied on March 31, 2021. While Judge Daniel St. Hilaire acknowledged that Jesse Brooks was a model prisoner before – and since - New Hampshire transferred him to Arizona to serve a 15-30 year sentence with a falsified record classifying him as a Capital Murder convict which, as a result, placed him in Arizona’s highest security prison and years of solitary confinement. Yet, Judge St. Hilaire claimed, “the challenges of life in prison are not unique to this defendant. However, what has happened to Jesse Brooks throughout his incarceration is unique and especially cruel and unusual.

After his transfer from NH to Arizona in 2010 under a false classification, Jesse was given bogus disciplinary tickets which were eventually expunged from his record, falsely alleged to be a gang member, denied years of family visits and phone calls, refused medical care or subjected to an unlicensed or incompetent medical practitioners, and blocked from receiving any counseling, educational or vocational programming. It should be noted that in spite of all that Jesse Brooks has been subjected to for the past 11 years in Arizona, he continues to follow the rules, remains respectful and conducts himself as a model prisoner.

Although the judge claimed that Jesse Brooks didn’t face any unusual circumstances, there is no record of any other NH prisoner having been misclassified, for a crime that warranted the death penalty, when he was unexpectedly transferred to Arizona in 2010, nor is there a record of any unlicensed medical professional having practiced within the NH correction system. Furthermore, NH provides an extensive rehabilitation program to its inmates.

And despite having brought forward irrefutable evidence during Jesse’s 2016 Sentence Review and Habeas motions disputing the conspiracy bedroom meeting – the cornerstone of the conspiracy case against Jesse Brooks - Judge St. Hilaire restated the State’s version of events - a veritable litany of lies, falsehoods and fabrications - into the record. It is a false narrative perpetuated by the prosecutors that haunts Jesse to this very day and will continue to until justice is done.

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