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Michael Benton Jail Calls


Mother: “If you go down for this, I hope you take Jesse with ya. Because if you were involved in this 

I know it was Jesse that took you there. 


Benton: “No, it wasn’t”

No, it wasn'tMichael Benton
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Note: Prosecutors had to disclose an arrangement they made for Michael Benton to have a contact visit with his parents before his December 12, 2007 negotiation proffer session.  They were vague about the date.  (27553)


Benton: “Well I let him know that I don’t appreciate being dicked around by fucking ah, whoever’s calling the shots here, you know? ‘Cause I’ve been nothing but fucking more than lenient to fucking everything that they’ve asked for.”

Father: “Well, it sounded like you were backing out of everything that was offered.”

Michael Benton
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Father: I was thinking last night after I talked to you, you know, if they want to keep bouncing you around, have them take a fucking year off your time, two years off your sentence, three years off your sentence. You know what I’m saying?

Benton: Yup.

Father:  You want to make it worth my while? Okay, knock some fucking time off.

You’re the one that’s sticking your fucking neck out, you know?

Benton: Yeah, exactly. 

Father: You’re the one that’s got to be bounced around and put in the fucking hole for 6 months to a year. Take some time off my sentence and I’ll be glad to go. You know what I’m saying?

Benton: Yeah, exactly. 

Father: Bring it down to 15 years. I’m almost gonna put these assholes in the fucking electric chair for you assholes. You know?

Benton: Yeah, exactly. 

Father: Especially Jesse - You’re the only one that’s gonna be able to get fucking Jesse.

Benton: Yup. Yup.

Father: You’re the only one he talked to, so...

Benton: Yup...

Father: You want some fucking help? I want help too...!

Benton: Yeah, exactly. 

Father: You want me to move? I’ll move, you’re gonna knock off about 5 years off my time. 

Benton: Exactly.

Michael Benton
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Michael Benton’s Mother

“You fucked up one more time.”

"You fucked up one more time."
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