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Sentence Review Hearing Jan 15th, 2016

Jesse has been in prison for over 8 years
Jesse has been in prison for over 8 years


Supporters of Jesse Brooks - who are convinced of his innocence - will continue to fight to prove that he has suffered an injustice, but in the meantime, on January 15, 2016, Jesse Brooks’ sentence will be under review by the Sentence Review Division in New Hampshire. New Hampshire Attorney Donna Brown is bringing the matter before New Hampshire state authorities where a panel of three judges will review the 15 - 30 year sentence imposed. The panel will consider the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information presented to the judge at sentencing.

At the sentencing, Jesse’s lawyer argued that Jesse did not originate a conspiracy to murder Jack Reid, did not plan the murder of Jack Reid, did not participate in the murder of Jack Reid, did not dispose of evidence of the murder of Jack Reid and did not cover up the murder of Jack Reid. However, the prosecutor Senior Assistant Attorney General Janice Rundles wrote in the state’s sentencing memorandum that Jesse Brooks was the “prime mover” of the conspiracy.

There was never any evidence against Jesse Brooks except for the testimony of incentivized witnesses who negotiated sweetheart deals for themselves.

Jesse’s sentence could be decreased, modified or affirmed. The scope of the review of the Sentence Review Division shall be on the excessiveness or leniency of the sentence with regards to the offense, the protection of the public interest and safety and the character of the offender as well as the manner in which sentence was imposed, including the accuracy of the information before the sentencing judge.

Those who are part of the Justice for Jesse Brooks’ community are hopeful that Jesse will finally be granted relief, as the sentencing judge did not have all the facts before her at the time. It is hoped that a fresh review will place the sentence in a more complete context.

before the sentencing judge

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